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Career Interests Quiz

Looking to make a change in your career but not sure where to start? This free and fun quiz will help you determine your ideal career based on your real interests. After taking the quiz, you will receive personalized guidance on finding a satisfying career and tips and resources to get started.

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Helped more than 175,804 individuals
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Six good reasons to take Talent Transformation’s Career Quiz:

Find direction

Identify your areas of interest (indeed, your passion) and plan for your future jobs.

Save time and money

Talent Transformation is a charitable foundation and provides quizzes and tests free of charge. So, answering a few questions and reading the guidance keeps you from wasting time, energy, and money exploring careers that are unlikely to suit you.

Avoid career-related frustration

Frustrations at work stem not from a lack of interest, and potentially a bad boss, not a lack of ability. Knowing your career interests helps you select career options that suit your underlying interests and personality traits.

Explore new options

Talent Transformation customizes every career guidance report to match your interests. These reports use artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest careers of interest using the Occupational Information Network (O*Net) database of 923 occupations.

Build confidence 

Being aware of your career interests enhances your sense of direction and helps you feel more confident about your career choice.

Achieve career success 

Many studies have revealed the correlation between career interests, high job satisfaction, and high performance.

How will the guidance help me?  

An accurate evaluation of your career interests can open the doors to potential opportunities, job satisfaction, and higher performance.

And a fulfilling career can dramatically increase your well-being, happiness, and self-confidence. Taking the career quiz and heeding the guidance will help you make better decisions.

What people are saying

average rating is 5 out of 5

I think it's pretty awesome that it is free. As far as that goes you are doing great as it gives a good outline for people who need a little guidance.

average rating is 4.5 out of 5

I'm truly astounded by this free resource. The questions were quick, straight, and to the point. The results provided me an exciting ground-work to start from as I continue my research. I am excited to use and share this tool with others.

average rating is 3 out of 5

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average rating is 5 out of 5

I do like that this quiz broke down occupations into different groups of interests and that will help me find something that I will enjoy which is something I'm struggling to do right now.

Career Interests Quiz

We are able to provide our quizzes free thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors.

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What will I learn from taking this quiz?

Your career quiz will identify your top three interest areas from the Holland Code.

We provide two reports. The short report will indicate your interest areas, pinpoint your favorite and least favorite interest areas, and recommend the next steps for further career exploration.

If you want greater detail, you can request a longer report that provides more insights about your top interest areas, identifies possible career options, and suggests more next steps for better career planning

Personalized career guidance will help you understand how the following aspects of work appeal to you:

  • Realistic: Working with tools, instruments, and mechanical or electrical equipment. Activities include building, repairing machinery, and raising crops/animals.

  • Investigative: Investigating and attempting to understand phenomena in the natural sciences through reading, research, and discussion.

  • Artistic: Expressing oneself through activities such as painting, designing, singing, dancing, and writing; artistic appreciation of such activities (e.g., listening to music, reading literature).

  • Social: Helping, enlightening, or serving others by teaching, counseling, working in service-oriented organizations, and engaging in social/political studies.

  • Entrepreneurial: Persuading, influencing, directing, or motivating others through activities such as sales, supervision, and aspects of business management.

  • Conventional: Developing and maintaining accurate and orderly files, records, accounts, etc.; following systematic procedures for performing business activities

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When should I take a career interest quiz?

Every time you need to make decisions about your career! You grow, learn, and the world changes, which is why we tailor career guidance for you when you take the quiz.

So, take the quiz today and check back throughout your career as that will help you use your talents to best effect and stay relevant as the world of work evolves. After you answer the questionnaire, you'll receive guidance to help you understand your career interests.

Why choose Talent Transformation's career quiz?

It is up-to-date and considers the future of work! We have engaged the world's leading experts to develop our career assessment and the algorithms to provide customized reports with guidance.

We have used American Psychologist John Holland's highly regarded career development model, the RIASEC Code – also known as the Holland Code. Holland delineated six areas of career interest and six corresponding work environments: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. He demonstrated that a match between an individual's interests and work environment brings high job satisfaction and improved performance.

The Holland Code is the basis for other assessment instruments, including the Strong Interest Inventory and the Self-Directed Search.

Several books offer more detailed information about the Holland Code. These titles include 50 Best Jobs for Your Personality (Jist's Best Jobs, 2012) Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes (Psychological Assessment Resources, 1996) and CareerCode: Know Your Code, Find Your Fit (Amazon Digital Services, 2012).

Simply exposing your interests provide some value, however, comingling results with occupations and guidance that considers the future of work is where the real magic happens.

The Talent Transformation Career Interests Quiz is a significant first step to finding the right career. The quiz is easy to answer and takes only a few minutes. After you finish, you will receive a personalized guidance report with tips and tricks to find careers that would suit you. The path to a successful career is rooted in understanding yourself, your interests, motives, preferences, skills, abilities, and opportunities. You can start here and use what you learn to help you thrive in the new world of work.

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