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Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Do you know how to deal with your emotions? Do you know how to read and react to the feelings of others? The Free Emotional Intelligence Quiz is a fun and insightful way to measure the five key areas of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, motivation, and social awareness. Take this quiz now and receive a free personalized report outlining your areas' strengths and weaknesses and tips to improve.

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Emotional Intelligence Quiz

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What people are saying

average rating is 5 out of 5

I recently took this quiz and was amazed by the results. Not only did it give me a thorough assessment, but it also gave me tips and free workbook to improve it. Thank you, Talent Transformation!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Taking the emotional intelligence quiz has been a true eye-opener for me! I was able to gain clarity on how to communicate better with others and better manage my emotions.

average rating is 3 out of 5

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average rating is 4.5 out of 5

I highly recommend taking the quiz and learning more about your emotional intelligence - it's been worth it for me!

average rating is 3 out of 5

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Staying Purposeful During Change

Developing your emotional intelligence will help you understand and manage your own emotions and recognize and respond to the emotions of others, which will help you build stronger, more positive personal and professional relationships. Emotional intelligence can help you inspire others, manage stress, and cope with difficult situations, making you more resilient and better able to handle challenges and make decisions. With this understanding, you will gain insight into your motivations, thoughts, and behaviors, communicate more effectively, and simply thrive. 

How will this quiz help? 

The questionnaire and the personalized guidance report will help you label emotions, understand their origins, comprehend them, control them, use them effectively in relationships and social settings, and make sound decisions. 

What is the basis for this quiz?

In 1995, psychologist Daniel Goleman popularized the term Emotional Intelligence (EI). EI refers to a person's ability to effectively manage their emotions so that they can be expressed appropriately. According to Goleman, there are five components of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Within these five components are four domains: personal competence, social competence, relationship management, and intrapersonal competencies.


Our emotional intelligence quiz is based on these four domains. The quiz will measure your competencies in these areas and provide insightful feedback to help you develop your EI.  

Why should I take this quiz?

Most people believe they understand their emotions. However, without some understanding, combined with self-control, our emotions will control us rather than the other way around. When our emotions control us, we are more likely to misjudge or misunderstand a situation. They can grip us and block our rationality and reason, which might lead us to regret our words, decisions, or actions.  

This quiz collects your responses and generates a personalized guidance report. Your report will indicate how aware you are of your emotions, how much you control them, and how well you manage your social interactions. It also provides insight into your specific leadership style.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions and the feelings of those around us. It is a vital component of successful relationships, both within and outside work, enabling us to interpret and respond to social cues effectively. The Free Emotional intelligence Quiz is a great way to assess and improve your understanding of the concept. In addition, it can help you identify areas where you may need more work. After taking the quiz, you will receive a free-of-charge personalized report and workbook to develop your emotional intelligence skills.

When should I take this quiz?

Tapping into our emotions helps us communicate, interact, and collaborate with others more effectively. Any time is a good time to understand your level of Emotional Intelligence and refresh your understanding of how you and others handle emotions. So why are you waiting? Take the quiz and see how emotionally intelligent you really are!

When should I take this quiz?

Whenever you feel you have something new to learn! Given the dramatic changes happening in the world of work, you may often need to prepare for new learning experiences. Evaluating your mindset and addressing any barriers it presents to learning will help you learn more effectively and meet your goals.

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