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Life Satisfaction Quiz

Do you want to be more satisfied with your life? This quiz will help you understand four areas contributing to your life satisfaction – self, relationships, community, and career. At the end of the quiz, you will receive a personalized guidance report and recommendations on how to become happier and more satisfied in life.

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Life Satisfaction Quiz

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What people are saying

average rating is 5 out of 5

I was surprised that I wasn't as happy with my current achievements as I was with my past. The quiz helped hone my thoughts on what really matters.

average rating is 5 out of 5

I realized that while I have dissatisfactions, I also have a pretty good life, looking at overall picture. I should be way more thankful for what I have.

average rating is 3 out of 5

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average rating is 5 out of 5

Made me look back a bit over my entire life instead of focusing on the past couple of years which haven't been great. Realized that things have been pretty good overall.

average rating is 3 out of 5

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What is Life Satisfaction?

Life satisfaction measures how content an individual is with their life, considering all aspects. It reflects an overall assessment of happiness and contentment, and psychologists often use it to evaluate an individual’s well-being. It has been found to correlate with different activities such as work, relationships, leisure, education, and health. People with higher life satisfaction generally report having more positive thoughts, better emotional regulation capabilities, excellent overall mental health, and reduced stress levels.

To give you personalized guidance, we measure four domains that contribute to Life Satisfaction. Each of these domains comprises eight areas. Therefore, understanding your life satisfaction scores starts with recognizing some of its components.

  1. Self: The areas contributing to this factor are self, physical fitness, grit, leisure, coping, material property, spirituality, and moral code.

  2. Relationships: The areas contributing to this factor are family bonds, relationships with friends and colleagues, quality of relationships, use of discretion in relationships, frequency of iterations, social connections, and norms in relationships.

  3. Community: The areas contributing to this factor are social position and prestige, political influence, culture, social welfare, political freedom, social equality, and economic welfare and social capability.

  4. Career: The areas contributing to this factor are performance at school, performance at work, returns from work, learning and growth, day-to-day activities, work-life balance, work environment, and use of strengths.

The Talent Transformation Life Satisfaction quiz measures the attitude towards one's life rather than assessing current feelings. With understanding, time and persistence, people can become happier and more satisfied. Individuals who have experienced a loss tend to recover over time. Those with dissatisfying relationships or careers often introduce changes that will make them happier. When someone tends to be chronically dissatisfied, they can ask themselves how to develop more positive attitudes to life and the world. Your Life Satisfaction report will tell you a lot about your level of life satisfaction and what you can do to improve it.

Recognizing the factors that influence Life Satisfaction

Talent Transformation's Life Satisfaction quiz reports help individuals recognize the areas of dissatisfaction and indicates the probable reasons for the dissatisfaction. Additional worksheets come with your personalized report to offer tips for deeper reflection to understand areas of dissatisfaction and overcome them through exercises and activities. We hope that this will equip you to enhance your life satisfaction.

What is the basis for this quiz?

This quiz is primarily based on theories in positive psychology, specifically on Ed Diener's extensive work in the areas of well-being and life satisfaction. Diener identified four "ingredients for a happy life":

  • Psychological wealth is more than money—it is also your attitude, goals, and engagement at work.

  • Happiness not only feels good, but it is also beneficial to relationships, work, and health.

  • It is helpful to set realistic expectations about happiness. No one is completely happy all the time!

  • Thinking is an essential piece of happiness; boosting our cognition can increase our satisfaction if done appropriately (Pursuit of Happiness, n.d.).

Why should I take this quiz?

Not only does greater life satisfaction make you feel happier and enjoy life more, but it also has a positive impact on your health and well-being. In turn, your well-being impacts your contributions, productivity, and performance. And for employers improving employee well-being increases performance and decreases uncertified sick leave, turnover, and stress-related compensation claims.

Improving well-being doesn't just mean reducing workplace stressors and avoiding distressing situations. Instead, it is essential to foster positive experiences and overall positive emotions in all areas of life.

Using the guidance provided by this quiz will help you develop and nurture your positivity and enhance overall happiness and satisfaction in life.

When should I take this quiz?

Whenever you feel you have something new to learn! The dramatic changes happening in the world bring uncertainty. Uncertainty often causes doubt, stress, and feeling of hopelessness. Evaluating your mindset and addressing areas of dissatisfaction will help you deal with situations better, which will help you effectively meet your goals.

Not only does greater life satisfaction make us feel happier and enjoy life more, but it also positively impacts our health and well-being. The Talent Transformation Life Satisfaction quiz helps you discover insights into problem areas. The personalized report will help you focus your attention on the pain points to reach higher levels of life satisfaction. This will also pave the way for you to explore transformation as a journey towards personal and professional growth.

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